Devotion based on Jeremiah 30.1-31.40

Jeremiah was a prophet who served under the last five kings of Judah. Apart from King Josiah, these last few kings were not God-fearing men. They led God’s people to idolatry.

Because of the sin of the people, Jerusalem was destroyed, the temple was ruined, and the people were captured and carried off to Babylon.

In the midst of all the trouble, God promised a restoration. God promised to someday bring His people back to the Promised Land. They would live and possess the land again. Yes, there would be time of trouble. But someday, God will save them in the end. He will turn their sorrow into joy.

That’s not the only thing that God promised. In Jeremiah 31:31-33, He promised something better. He promised a brand new covenant. This new covenant is unlike the old covenant that involved God’s laws written on stones – the one people liked to break.

It’s a new covenant that involves a brand new heart. God will write His laws in His people’s hearts and minds. This would involve the experience of the new birth, with God taking the initiative. When we turn our lives to God, He will give us the desire to obey Him.

The foundation of this new covenant is Christ. When He came to the world to save us, He has given us a unique gift. And  it is not just the gift of salvation. Jesus offers us the chance to have a unique personal relationship with Him – a personal relationship with God Himself. When we have that relationship, His laws will be written in our hearts instead of on stones.

Jeremiah looked forward to the day Jesus would come and establish this new covenant. We’re blessed that the new covenant is already here, available for us. Thus we have this wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start and establish a permanent, personal relationship with God. We have a chance to have a brand new heart.  

God longs for us to have this intimate personal relationship with us. So He wants to give us that brand new heart to enable us to live up to our new covenant. All you have to do is ask.