Devotion based on Joshua 2 and 6

The news of Joshua’s armies advancement has reached the Canaanites and the cities around it. Stories of their miraculous escape from Egypt and their victorious battles have brought fear to the people of Jericho.

Rahab, a prostitute who lived at the edge of town, has probably heard the rumors from most of her customers. Travelers and men from the army, passing through her door day in day out, retelling the same stories and warnings. News have spread all over town that they were next.

One day when two men entering her premise looking suspicious and alert, she made them out not as her ordinary customers. And when not long after, some soldiers start knocking on everyone’s door asking if they have seen strangers lurking around. She knew for sure that those two men are the Israelite spies.

What happened next, can set her course in a completely different path. She had two options, either to tell the soldiers that those men were in her house, which will definitely earn her favors from the king of Jericho. Or, she could save them by giving a wrong direction to the soldiers. As we read in Joshua 2:4-7, Rahab chose to hide them and sent the soldiers the other way.

After the soldiers were gone, she went to talk to the men and confessed her faith in the God of Israel. She then asked to them to make an oath by God’s name, that her and her families be spared when Jericho is conquered (Joshua 2:12-13). The spies agreed and instructed her to tie up a scarlet rope by her window as a sign that they will not harm her and her loved ones, in the upcoming battle (Joshua 6:15-17 & 25).

Rahab was not just bravely risking her life when she decided to hide the spies. She acted on her faith by following the exact instruction and waiting for the redemption promised to her. Salvation came to her and her household as a result of taking a divine opportunity presented in front of her. She would probably missed the moment, if she was only concerned by who she was and her status at that time. As a result,her bravery changed the course of history.

Often times, when we are under extreme pressure to make a decision, we shrink back in fear. Especially when it seems like there is no perfect solution for the problem. Fortunately, God does not demand that our judgment be perfect all the time. He simply wants us to put our trust in Him. To put our faith to action and move forward as best as we know how.