A Devotion Based on Matthew 28:16-20

We just finished watching a movie called I’m Not Ashamed at our teens Life Group earlier this month. It’s the true story about the life of Rachel Joy Scott, the teenager who was killed during Columbine High School shooting back in 1999 for refusing to deny Jesus. The movie really speaks to me because I actually read the news about her as it came out all the way back in 1999. But there were many things about her life that I had not known until I watched that movie.

When we discussed the movie at the LG afterwards, some of the teens said her life was inspirational. Especially the time when she told her friend that she’s not trying to convert anybody but she just wanted to live for Jesus and impact people that way. Her friend asked, “What are you, a Buddhist?” “No,” she said, “I’m a Christian and you should get to know me…”

We know from the Great Commission that we need to preach the Good News everywhere. Correct. But we often forget about the how: how would Jesus want me to do this. That’s why the church went through the dark ages and went to wars in the name of religion. They believed that this is how they should convert people to Christianity – with military and economic power. They were wrong. Jesus wants us to do it the way he did it: with love, grace, mercy, and humility.

The Crusaders got it wrong but young Rachel Joy Scott got it right. She understood what it means to be a witness for Jesus for her generation. She did it the way Jesus did it – all the way to her tragic death.

At the end movie, it was said that over 22 million people impacted by the life story Rachel Joy Scott. A teenage girl who never tried to be a crusader. Instead, she just did her best to live for Jesus. She’s a girl with a big heart, full of love and forgiveness. That girl made a great impact to the world. In a positive way – unlike the Crusaders.

I love many songs from Avalon, one of them is Wonder Why. Many of Rachel’s friend wonder about the way she had lived her life. So next time you think about the Great Commission, go live your life and make the world wonder why.