A Devotion Based on Acts 8.1-40

In this passage we just read, Philip went around Samaria to preach the gospel, cast out evil spirits, healed the sick, and baptized a foreign dignitary. To be used in such mighty way by God must have been a very exciting experience, especially considering what Philip was doing before in Jerusalem.

Philip did not start as one of the apostles who were famous for their preaching and teaching. He was not one of the ones who went around performing signs and wonders. He was one of the seven in charge of distributing food for widows until persecution came and scattered the believers.

Now let me be very clear: feeding widows is an important ministry in God’s kingdom. But I think most of us can agree that Philip could finally live up to his calling only after he was forced to leave his comfort zone because of the persecution in Jerusalem. Philip and the rest of the apostles finally lived the life Jesus wants them to live only after God pushed them out of the boat and into the water.

The devil always try to convince us that life in Jesus is a life of boring mediocrity. Everyone in the Church is a miserable soul trying to follow useless and irrelevant rules that would make all of us the same exact copy of one another.

But the more we read the Bible, the more we learn that life in God is as exciting as it gets. They get to slay giants, conquered nations, and bring people back to their God.

And it’s the same in the world today. No matter what non-believers say about Christians, there are Christians who are doing amazing things around the world for the glory of Jesus. Not all Christians are like these obviously but there are more than enough that they give the rest of us hope: there is more to life than just playing it safe.

Life in Jesus is life in abundance. It is not safe. It is not comfortable. It is not necessarily cool either. But it is always attractive. When we are ready to step out of our comfort zone, we can then embrace the life Jesus wants us to live.