A Devotion Based on Ruth 1.1-4.22

In the book of Ruth, we read the journey of three women, Naomi and her daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth.

Both Orpah and Ruth wanted to stay loyal to Naomi but only Ruth followed through on her commitment. Think about Ruth’s situation back then: being a Moabite, being a widow, and she was moving to a foreign land with only her mother-in-law! Not only she held on to her decision to follow Naomi, Ruth accepted Naomi’s God to be her God. What a woman!

Ruth’s commitment led her to a life she never expected. She became the great grandparent of King David.

We don’t know what happened to Orpah after she left Naomi. Initially, Orpah promised to go with Naomi. After being asked the second time, Orpah changed her mind. Perhaps she started to think, “Would my life in foreign land be better than staying home in Moab? I should not risk this.” I guess  she wasn’t fully committed after all.

Orpah faced a difficult situation so she decided to back out of her commitment to Naomi. From Orpah, I learn that sometimes I back out of my commitment to God when situation gets hard. What are the circumstances in your life that have put your commitment to follow God to the test?

For us in workplace: Perhaps, as the other person bribes to get the business deal, you are tempted to do the same because business is tough these days. On the other hand, you know Jesus asks believers to have financial integrity.

For husbands and wives: Perhaps, you want to take a break from each other because your partner has just lost family money in gambling. On the other hand, you already made a vow in front of God and your pastor to be with each other through thick and thin, rich and poor.

For the singles: Perhaps, you are contemplating to be in relationship with an non-Christian, because it seems that the chance of meeting single believers is close to none. On the other hand, you know 2 Corinthians 6:14 tells us to not be unequally yoked.

For the teenagers: Perhaps, you see yourself as ugly and fat just because your friends don’t say you are pretty or handsome. On the other, you heard before that God created you in His image.

Our God has wonderful plans for each one of us. Our God really wants us to experience the fulfillment of His plans. However, pursuing and living God’s plans are not easy. It requires our participation, commitment, trusting God and following God in any circumstances.

From Ruth, I am reminded to honor my commitment to God even when things don’t make sense.  When we start having doubt on the process we need to go through as a part of pursuing God’s plans, we may miss the fulfillment of His plans for us. When we honor our commitment to God in unknown or unfamiliar situation, God will work in unexpected ways to show His power and reveal His love to us.