A Devotion Based on Isaiah 42:10 – 44:5

Israel’s reason to exist, its raison d’etre, is to become an example to the world of how things should be. God calls them to witness to the world what it means to live in faithfulness to the One True God. Israel was to be God’s unique possession in the midst of a world that did not know him. They were supposed to be different. And their uniqueness- their special blessings, peace, anointing – should be a witness to the world why everyone should submit to God Almighty.

But Israel failed from one generation to the next until the time of the Exile. Instead of influencing others to partake in their unique blessing, Israel kept whoring itself to its neighboring nations and their deities. God’s witnesses have become blind and deaf that they had let other nations lead them to a path of destruction.

And so God gave the Israelites what they wanted. If they wanted to be with the other nations, then so be it. God allowed the other nations to capture Jerusalem and took them to exile.

But God was not done with Israel. God has made a covenant with Israel to make them his witnesses. Just because Israel did not keep their part of the bargain does not mean that God would walk away from his own covenant. So God promised them that he would be the one who will save them and restore them back to where they belong. And in the process, the people of the world will witness that no other gods can be as mighty and loving as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

If God calls us to be his witnesses, he will use us as his witnesses. He would rather use you when you are faithful but He will use you even when you fail Him.

Please note that I personally prefer to serve Him in faithfulness and enjoy His blessings, anointing, and peace in my life. I think everyone reading this would agree with me. So I would like to encourage all of you to be faithful to our God. Represent Him well in your actions and your words every single day of your life.

Having said that, I know that there are times when we will fail him. When this happens, I want you to remember that should you want Him to, God will not only restore you but also use your restoration to show the world who He is and what He can do. So don’t let the devil condemn you with his lies. Get back up and let God redeem you. He will keep his promise: He will restore you and will use your restoration story to restore others. Our God is faithful. Even when we’re not.