Devotion Based On 1 Sam 31 – 2 Sam 1:1-27

After David was chosen and anointed as Saul’s successor, the king attempted to kill David approximately 16 times. From subtle plots of sending him to wars, to manipulation by marriage, to outright throwing spears and commanding the whole army to kill him. This unending attempts to destroy David came from his desperation to keep the throne. He was blinded by anger, jealousy, and fear as he saw David’s success in leading the army over numerous of battles. The nation loved and respected David more than Saul. More importantly, as the dark moods tormented him, Saul realized that God’s spirit has left him and moved on to David.

As we read in 2 Samuel, David did not take the news of Saul’s death as good news, as the young Amalekite had presumed. Rather than celebrating the death of his enemy, David mourned in anguish for the loss of his king.

Over the years, David has had plenty of opportunities to kill Saul in retaliation for his evil plans. But he refused to lay his hands on Saul. He would not even permit any of his men to do it. Because David had always respected Saul as God’s anointed king.

Even right up until the end of Saul’s life, David believed in God’s promise and timing. He knew that he did not need to interfere. God did not need a helping hand in fulfilling His promises. What David needed to do is being faithful to his calling and to trust that God would deal with Saul.

Most of us would not behave or react like David did. We either try to push God’s hand to speed up the process or walk away from His promise entirely. We need to remember that God have different plans and purpose for each one of us. The ‘how’ and ‘when’ are entirely up to Him. What we need to always remember is that when we honor God by trusting and surrendering in Him, He will always come through.