A devotion based on 1 Kings 11:1-12:24

Solomon had lost his mind and himself. Success and generational blessings had taken over his common sense and moral compass. And that made God furious. So God said to Solomon that he would take everything away from Solomon. But God would leave Solomon’s descendants the tribe of Judah in honor of His covenant to David and respect to Jerusalem. What a merciful God! And what a powerful legacy from David!

My grandparents migrated from China and built their life out of nothing in Indonesia. Through hard work, they built a very successful coffee business in Sumatra. My dad said that my grandfather could tell the moisture content in coffee beans just by touching them. Because of his skills, my grandfather became a very respected man in the city where he lived.

How I wish I got to know my grandparents! Unfortunately, they both had passed away when my dad was still in high school. After my grandfather passed away, nobody could run the business the way he did. And in a short period of time, the business went bankrupt. The family lost everything. So my father had to work to pay for his own education and food. Because he had learned about hard work from my grandparents, my father was able to rebuild his life out of nothing after the family bankruptcy. And now, my father is a respected man in his industry.

We can all look back through our family lines and see how our parents, grandparents, and others in our family history have affected our lives. And it seems that our negative past makes us afraid about what will happen to the next generation after us.

In this story of Solomon and Rehoboam, we learn that God takes care of the next generation, even when they fail. Actually, God mentioned this promise in Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:5-6). God warned that He would not bless anybody who worshiped idols. However, God also promised that He would show love down to a thousand generations, to those who loves Him and keep His commandments.  

Currently, we have a family business and I get the chance to run the business. Learning from the failure of his family’s business, my father teaches us a whole lot to make sure that the company has all its business in order. Because if we are not wise, the history of family business bankruptcy is bound to repeat itself.

For us who don’t have good legacy to follow, we need to learn from the failures. So why don’t we become the first good legacy for our children to follow? God blessed the next generation of Rehoboam simply because of one righteous man, David.  Generational blessings start with one person, who loves God and keep His commandment. We can be that person for our family.

For us who have good legacy to follow, do not take them for granted. It may very well be that we are now reaping the good seeds that someone in our family sowed years ago. It is not the blessings that entrapped Solomon. But it is his failure to recognize what the David’s family blessing is all about: relationship with God. So let us learn from Solomon. Let us use the generational blessing to bless the next generation.