A devotion based on 2 Kings 2.1-25, 4.1-44

Elisha was the brand new chief prophet. As the ‘rightful successor’ of Elijah, he has big shoes to fill. Afterall, Elijah is counted as one of the biggest prophets of Israel along with Moses who performed many miracles. He was even taken up to heaven alive by chariot of fire.

Soon after, Elisha learned that since his motives are pure, he can ask great things from God. Throughout his ministry, the bible recorded that Elisha performed more miracles than what Elijah performed. Elijah would have been proud with his successor’s work.

That’s not the only thing Elisha learned. As the new chief prophet, people from all over the place asked him for help. In 2 Kings 4, Elisha was used by God to perform 5 miracles. Providing money for a poverty-stricken widow (4:1-7), giving a son to an old woman from Shunem (4:16-17), raising a dead boy to life (4:32-37), purifying poisonous food (4:38-41), and providing food for 100 men (4:42-44). All these miracles show one common thing. God empowers those who faithfully serve Him.

Earlier in 1 King 19, Elijah called Elisha to be his assistant and follow him to become his successor one day. Elisha was a farmer plowing a field with a team of oxen when Elijah called him. Little did he know that one day he would do many great things. He had no capability whatsoever and all he did was say yes. He was willing to follow and learn in order to gain power to do the work to which God had called him. As a result, he was able to make a major impact over 4 nations: Israel, Judah, Moab and Aram in the more than 50 years he did his ministry.

When God calls us, He doesn’t look at our capability. He is looking for our availability. When we say yes, God enable us to do the things He wants us to do. He will equip us. If we merely looking at our capability, then we will rely on our strength. That was never His intention. He wants us to say yes and learn how to do things His way.

When my Vancouver pastor asked me to start youth ministry 18-19 years ago, I had no background and experience whatsoever. All I did was say yes despite my doubts of my own capability. Then the journey began. Throughout the years, I learned that God is more than able to equip and empower you if you are more than willing to serve Him faithfully.

What is He calling you to do now? Will you say yes? Remember, He was not looking for your capability, He’s looking at your heart. Are you ready to follow His calling?