Devotion Based On Exodus 3.1-4:1-17

“Who am I to do this?” Is an honest and valid question for someone who is not sure if he/she is up to the task. Moses asked the same question when God called out to him in a burning bush to free the Israelites from the oppression of Egypt. As God has heard their cries and seen their sufferings (Ex. 3:11).

Based on his past experiences and who he was at that moment, he doubted very much he can do what God had asked him to do. Such an enormous responsibility and again the question will be: Why me?
He has all the good reasons to feel inadequate for the task. Moses has been a shepherd for 40 years in the wilderness since he ran away from Egypt after he murdered an Egyptian soldier. Will anyone remember him? Will anyone follow and trust a fugitive? He surely felt unqualified and unprepared.

When God answered his identity question, He brought Moses’ attention to who God is instead. God promised that He will be with Moses, His presence and power will be more than sufficient to help him lead the Israelites out of Egypt (Ex. 3:12). And when Moses still wasn’t convinced, God gave him specific words to say, miracles to perform and even a spokesperson; Aaron, Moses older brother to help.

Many of us can think of a dozen reasons why we are not suited for a specific task or role. It happens mostly when we look at our inadequacies and fears: fear of failing, embarrassing ourselves, rejections, and many more.

Sometimes we ask for more signs and proofs before we take another step, which is not necessarily wrong. Asking for confirmation from God and advice from others can definitely help us to make the right decision. But don’t let those stop us from saying ‘yes’ to God. Because when God has made it clear of who He is and what He can do through us, we need to step out in faith and obey.

God promises His presence and power, by that He also qualifies us to fulfill His calling in our lives. It doesn’t mean the task will be easy but it means that God is with us, His presence abide in us always. He is Emmanuel. God with us.