A Devotion based on 2 Peter 3

Apostle Peter wrote the letters recorded as 1 Peter and 2 Peter to the Christians in Asia Minor region suffering religious persecution. During that time, false teachers emerged in the region and created confusion among Christians and churches.

Peter described false teachers spread doubt among Christians by questions the truth in God’s words. They forgot what God did and has done in this world; and that they gave up believing on God’s works and His promise of the second coming. 

To response to the situation, Peter urged the Christians to remember God’s words spoken by the prophets, Jesus and the apostles. 

Peter said “with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” Some religion takes that verse literally. That is not what Peter meant. Peter confirmed that yes, waiting on the Lord can be a long time.

Peter reminded the readers God is slow, because God is patience. God’s patience means salvation. God keeps giving chances to mankind to repent. Since God who owns the time, then who are we to rush Him?

During the waiting period of God’s timing, we should not forget Him, His covenant with us, and His promises. We should hold the end of the bargain as well. To continue living according to God’s standards. A holy life.

God doesn’t want us to be afraid going through life as Christians. Because it is through living our life as Christians, we honor God. Peter reminded us to always be on our guard that we may not be carried away by the influence of this world; and then to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.

Imagine this, you are invited to a dinner party. Among the guests were people from different beliefs, discussing about God, heaven and hell and the meaning of life. In that scenario, if you are not sure about your faith in Jesus Christ, you may be influenced by how the other guests view about the existence of God and your own salvation. But if your faith in Jesus Christ is strong, you can then share the truth about God, salvation and the meaning of life.

But these are the facts: Will God fulfill all His promises? Yes, He will. When He will do that? In His time. Do we know when? No, we don’t. Does it mean God will not fulfill His promises? No, it doesn’t! Can you still trust God? Yes, absolutely.

What should be our focus is, how we live our lives today until the fulfillment of His promises. Be on your guard. Grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.