A Devotion Based on Philippians 4.4-9

Throughout our life, we’ve seen, met, and known Christians who are overly concerned about everything negative in the world. They so hate the world and what it represents that they are so disgusted with the thought of discussing worldly matters such as sex. It is pretty ironic since the most famous passage in the New Testament is John 3.16: For God so loved the world. Not so hate the world…

In my opinion, this is not a good representation of Christ. When we always share our negative opinions while always acting as a righteous person, when we are so ready to point out what is wrong with other people, we will definitely become the person that no one wants to hang out with. How can we share them the Good News if they purposely avoiding us for being prudes?

Jesus was not like that. He is the kind of person that everyone want to be around with all the time. He must have known how to share the truth with love, sincerity, and joy, because we know that he shared the truth and yet he still got invited into lively social gatherings. Or let’s just call it what it is: parties.

Phillipians 4:8 reminds me to stay away from being focused on the negatives. Furthermore, it also teaches me to focus on the positive things that are excellent and worthy of praise. And through this we can learn how to be wise in sharing and spreading the Good News.