LIFE Group is a special time during the week  when we come together to worship God and learn more about his word. In LIFE Group, we get to practice the ‘one-another’ part we read about in the Bible: love one another, support one another, pray for one another, and sometimes even rebuke one another. Have fun with online casinos south africa

Find a LIFE Group near you below. We suggest that you contact the host or leader to plan a visit.


Jakarta Garden City at 7 PM
Host: Mario Tahitoe
[email protected]


Vila Gading Indah at 7 PM
Caroline Jong
[email protected]


Vila Gading Indah at 7 PM
Host: Lam Shiu Hing
[email protected]
Joyce Lim
[email protected]

Teens Life Group, Gading Kirana at 7 PM
Host: Olive
[email protected]
[email protected]


Kincir Cafe, Artha Gading Mall at 11AM
Aarti Vasandani
[email protected]
Amos Silalahi
[email protected]

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