Hearts2Give is the outreach/mission ministry of IES KG. We believe that God is working beyond the walls of the church and we want to do our part. Hearts2Give is ready to serve whomever, wherever, however, and whenever our Lord Jesus is graciously sending us. Whether it is helping the underprivileged kids around our area to speak English, or giving hope to those who are in prisons, or even to provide clean water to kids in Africa; when our Lord calls, we are ready to go. More information about south african online casinos


We help kids in Sungai Tiram community learn the English language so that they can have a better career in the future. Our team is a diverse group ranging from professional teachers to teenagers who are still in school themselves. We believe that every class is an opportunity, not only to teach them language skills, but also to show them that God loves them and we love them too. Young & Learning team meets on Saturday morning.

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Every first Thursday of the month, the Prison Ministry goes to a prison in the greater Jakarta area to love whom Jesus lovingly refers to as ‘the-least-of-these”. We believe that even though these people are still in prison for what they have done in the past, they can still be set free by the love of Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit today. Our job is to remind them that because of Jesus, there is hope for them within these walls and also for their loved ones outside.

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IES KG partners with different ministries to run special outreach projects. Check out some of our activities in the past.


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