Every year, Pentecostal Churches around the world conducted a 10 day prayer and fasting from Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday. We do this to remember the first time God poured out his Spirit onto his Church – to empower them so that they can accomplish what Jesus has sent them out to do. But before that, Jesus had told the disciples to wait and this is what we will do these next 10 days: waiting for God to do something wonderful in our lives by praying and fasting.


The purpose of Christian fasting is to focus more on God by letting go of the things that usually occupy our minds. For most of us, that is food. Instead of focusing on what to eat, when to eat, who we will eat with, for the next 10 days, you just focus on God and his word.

There are many ways you can give up food for the next 10 days. We suggest that you will drink water throughout the day and break your fast daily by having dinner together with your family.

Please note that you might become more tired, cranky, and angry during the fast. That’s what happens to your body when you skip meals. Keep going strong and see what happens when you rely on God more.

Having said that, please know your limits. If you are experiencing nausea, lightheadedness, or any physical pain, please break your fast. If things are not getting better, please consult your physician.

For those of you who want to know more, please click here and here. As usual, please contact us should you have any questions


You pray however you usually pray but with a special emphasis. We usually pray for needs: what we need, what our family needs, what the church needs, etc. We pray to say something to God.

During this next 10 days, we want to challenge you to hear from God. Ask God to reveal what he has in mind for you, your family, our church, our city, and this world. Sit in silence and ask him to speak. Open up the Bible with expectation that God will say something as you read his word.

These next 10 days is about what God is doing in our world today. Pray and ask him for your part in this wonderful plan. And once he reveals it to you, pray and ask him to empower you as you go for him.


Friday, May 26th, 7 PM and Saturday, June 3rd, 7 PM, we will break the fast together at the Kids Church room. Please join us. Dinner will be served. We appreciate if you can bring some food with you as well.


May God work in a very powerful way in your life these next 10 days. Grace and peace.