A lot of people outside of the Church have some very strong negative feelings about Christians. When they were asked about Christians, they would describe us using words like hypocrites, bigots, and prudes. The most hurtful thing about these labels is that these people are not necessarily wrong. We do struggle to live up to the standard Jesus has set up for us. There are many good reasons why they say these things about us in the first place.

So how do we respond? Do we respond with violence? Do we argue with the critics across social media? Do we think of a clever way to ‘destroy’ those who ridicule us? Of course not. That’s not how Jesus would respond and that’s now how he would want us to respond. Instead, Jesus wants us to focus on being who he wants us to be and the world will know what true Christianity is all about.

In March, IES KG will launch The Real Deal Campaign. We believe the best way to respond to these false understanding about the Church people is to show the world who we really are. When God’s people finally live up to God’s calling in our lives, the world will not be able to condemn us as easily as they do now. When struggling Christians realize that they can be more like Christ instead of just pretending to be like Christ, the world will never be the same. The world will be more open to the love of Christ that compels us.

The Real Deal Campaign will involve our Sunday Sermons, Life Group materials, and Daily Devotion. If you want to get the most of this campaign, you need to attend Sunday worship service, join a Life Group, and check out our website every morning for our Daily Devotions.