Come and join us for our Good Friday Service, March 30th, at 10 AM to celebrate the greatest story ever told

“If there is a God, why is there still suffering in this world?”

“How can we say the God is a good God if he knows we are in a desperate situation and yet he is not doing anything?”

“Where is your Almighty God when those bad people are going after you?”

To be honest, these sure sound like a sound philosophical argument against the existence of god. That is if the god whom they are talking about is the impersonal and distant divine being of western philosophies.

But if we are talking about the One True God, the real capital G God, then these arguments are rendered meaningless. Because this God is not a cold distant being. Instead, this is the God who came down to suffer and die on the cross for us because he passionately loves us.

Join us this Sunday to experience that love. To be reminded of that love. And to confess to the world, that that love is available to those who want to follow Jesus with everything that they have.