A Devotion Based on Psalm 106

The past, however painful, shaped us into who we are right now. It is a part of us and it made us the person we are today. It also possesses very valuable lessons. And we need to always pay attention to these lessons. But the question is: how do we remember our failures in the past without being hopeless or defeated in the present?

The author of this psalm wanted to remind the people of their difficult past. It is a reminder of how fickle they were when it comes to faithfulness and obedience to God. The writer listed a long confession of the Israelites’ sins during the Exodus from Egypt (vv.6-12), the wilderness wanderings (vv.13-33), and after they entered the Promised Land (vv.34-43). Thankfully, he didn’t just focus on their failures. He also reminded them the powerful truth of God’s faithfulness (vv.44-46), and restoration (vv. 47-48).

Many of us prefer to forget and bury our pasts, especially when they bring us so much pain and shame. We wish those moments did not exist. If only we can press a delete button to get rid of them from our memories!

But this psalmist went the opposite direction. Instead of blocking out the past, he shows his people how important it is to remember, to recite, and to pass on these stories. Not to nurse a grudge or have a pity party, but to acknowledge where they were as a people so that they can plan a better path forward.

Our past can serve as a good reminder of where we have been. However, we should never let it define us. The Lord God Almighty is the only one who has control over our lives. God is always at work in spite of and through all of our failures to bring about his purpose and plan in the present and the future – regardless of our past.

Having said that, we should never just ignore the past. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the times in our past when God was there for us. It is very important to remember God’s goodness and mercy in our lives. We can do it through singing, memorizing bible verses, sharing and listening to testimonies. This is how we can always be thankful when we look back to the past and yet still be hopeful of where we are going.