Eternal for Temporary

Kingdonomics examines the true value of what God has to offer in comparison with what the world has to offer. The value of God’s eternal gift is significantly higher than the value of the world’s temporal desires.

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Chaos for Order

Kingdonomics: Order for Chaos

Life in chaos is tiring. Jesus offers to take your chaos as long as you are willing to live a life of discipline and order. Do you take the deal?

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Kingdonomics Week 2 Artwork

Kingdonomics: Joy for Sorrow

Trading sorrows for joy everlasting? What a deal! And yet unless we discipline ourselves to develop the attitude of gratitude we will miss out on this deal.

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Kingdonomics: Forgiveness for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not free. Jesus paid for it on the cross. And now he's offering it for us in return for our own willingness to forgive others. Will you take the deal?

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