A Devotion Based on Acts 20:13-21:36

When reading this passage of the Scripture, I can sense that Paul had become emotionally and spiritually involved with the Ephesians. Because he was with these people for several years, he was able pour out himself to them before his arrest. He was open with them about his past sins and the way he felt unworthy to receive God’s grace. They were able to see his heart that surpassed his own humility. He did not hide anything from them, even his tears and hardships.

The Ephesians was able to see Paul as a genuine person. Paul was able to preach anything to them even if they would not like it. He was willing to hurt their feelings temporarily if it would heal their hearts for eternity. He did not just teach them about many wondrous things God wanted to do for them. Instead, he made sure that taught them the bitter truth about hardships, about bearing the cross.

There are times when I worry too much about people’s feelings when I’m preaching God’s truth. Because I don’t want people to hate me! But then I realized that my responsibility is with God and the Holy Spirit that guides me, not to other people.

The main question is: “Will I try so hard to impress others with my skills and credentials that I would alter the message or will I emphasize on teaching and obeying God’s Word?”