IESKG Teens is a community where a bunch of awesome, passionate, fun, and cool teens wanting to know more about Christ. With lit Pastors and relatable sermons that they can apply in their daily life. We are all about loving God, loving people, and reaching the world!


Anobby Gourmet, Sunday 10am

Join IESKG Teens as they worship together every Sunday morning. There will be music, there will be games – there may even be candies! What we know for sure is that God will be there and we will be there. Come and join us!



Gading Kirana, Fridays at 7pm

Teens LG is awesome! It’s a place with good people, good atmosphere, and good food. Knowing more about Christ becomes a lot more fun here. With a great healthy community and super cool pastors, growing spiritually is much more enjoyable.

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