Every year IES KG members would share a meal together to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. These Thanksgiving meals are always a joyous occasion. Especially because more and more people attend as the church grows every year.

But this year we will do Thanksgiving dinner differently. We will not just share a meal with our IES KG members but we will invite our friends from the Sungai Tiram community.

IES KG has been actively serving the Sungai Tiram community for the last 3 years. Every Saturday morning, a group of volunteers go there to teach their kids basic English skills. Every Christmas, our church help put together a Christmas service for the kids and their parents. These events are attended by hundreds of people but only a few dozens of our volunteers to set up the event.

So every year they would have their event and we would have our event. That is fine but we want to do things differently this year. We want to do it together at the Golden Leaf Restaurant, Friday, November 24th, 7 PM.

We would like all of you to join. You and your family will need to pay for your meal and for the family who will be eating with you. It’s a buy a ticket and pay for someone else’s ticket kind of thing.

Please note that you are not just buying these people a meal. But this is also an opportunity for us to get to know them and for them to get to know us. Let’s face it: unless we are intentional about it, we would never have the chance to sit down and eat with them. Even though we are brothers and sisters in Christ; equal in the eyes of the Lord.

So on behalf of IES KG, I want to encourage you to come and join us for this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner. We would like everyone who considers IES KG to be your home church to really consider joining us. Jesus takes eating together very seriously and so should we. So please contact Yenny at yenny@ieskg.org. Look to see you there.