A Devotion Based on Acts 21.10-14

We don’t like to be vulnerable. In fact, as modern human beings, we work hard everyday so we can have both safety and stability. We don’t like to leave ourselves open. We don’t want to give room in our lives for dangerous and uncomfortable situations.

But if we are serious about following Jesus, if we are serious about preaching the gospel to the world that is lost in darkness, then we better be ready to be vulnerable. People will criticize, abuse, and take advantage of us. Just like what they did to Jesus. Just like what they did to Paul.

Paul understood that there are times when the gospel requires not only obedience but also absolute and complete vulnerability. Like Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane, Paul had the option to walk away. Paul could have continued doing what he was doing before and he would have still done more than 99.99% of all the Christians in history. But Paul choose to keep going despite Agabus’ prophecy because he understood that to do what God wants to do, he must allow himself to be vulnerable – to the point of death.

As the pastor of IES KG, I would like to be Agabus to your Paul. I need to warn you that once you’ve decided to stop being a fan and join the fight, things are about to get ugly. The enemy will stop at nothing to prevent you from entering the ring. He will take away what you value the most. And for most of us, that means our comfort and safety.

If you decide to follow Jesus, if you decide to share the gospel, you will be vulnerable. Because that is how Jesus did it. That’s how Paul and the apostles did it. That’s how our powerful Christian leaders throughout the last two thousand years did it. They let themselves be vulnerable for the sake of the gospel. If you’re ready, then come and join us. If not, then pray and ask God to prepare you for this. Because this is the only way God wants us to preach his gospel: through faith, grace, power, but also humility and vulnerability.