A devotion based on Mark 14:27-31; 66-72

We tend to make bad decisions and say the wrong things when we are in our weak spot. What I mean as a weak spot is a certain period in our life when we are fragile. For me personally, I am in my weak spot when I am tired, lonely. depressed, sad, angry, or disappointed.

In the Bible passage that we read today, Jesus predicted that his disciples will desert him. But Peter confidently said that he would never leave Jesus. He would always be there for Jesus! But then Jesus proclaimed that Peter will deny him.

Why did Peter seem so confident that he would be able to stand for Jesus? I think part of it is because he was not yet in his weak spot when he made that promise. The confidence was high because of what Peter had went through with Jesus beforehand. Peter had seen how the Jews welcomed Jesus as king just couple of days ago. Peter saw Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. He had fail to see the prospect of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion.

But when he was down, tired, frustrated and confused, when he was in his weak spot, Peter broke his promise. The disciple who said that he would not desert Jesus was the first and the only one who denied Jesus verbally. Sure enough, Peter fulfilled what Jesus had predicted about him.

We must be extra careful when we are in our weak spot. We don’t want to make a bad decision or say things that we will regret in the future. If possible, we should never make important decisions when we are in our weak spot. Instead, we should seek God first, ask for his comfort, rest in his presence, and allow him guide us through our weak spots.

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