A Devotion Based on Psalm 15

Psalm 15th is definitely an amazing description of what it is like to be a true believer. Sometimes conflict arises every time I discuss this passage with some friends. A question that usually pops up, “As a Christian, after accepting Christ as our savior, is there more for us to do to earn salvation?”

My answer is always a simple “No”. Because the things written on this Psalm are not “a to-do list” to turn us into a Christian. Instead, this Psalm is describing the changes that are supposed to take place in our heart and life as a Christian. The list is a representation of a true heart of worship that should be the goal of every Christian. Thus we should desire to be truthful, to not be evil to our neighbor, to honor those who fear the lord, etc.

This Psalm is a reminder that God is the one who defines what it means to be a true believer. It is a constant reminder for me to stop comparing myself to other people. Instead, I should always compare myself to God’s standard/definition. Because in the end, God is the one who saves me.

So what do I need to do to be able to accomplish all of it on the list? There is only one thing I can do as a Christian: I need to pray to God that He will help me to become more and more like Christ in every day of my life. All of my hope, life, and security comes from Christ. The One who tells me what to do and whom to be is the only one who can make these things possible for me.

We need to start praying that God will make us more like the godly people in this Psalm. So we can all become worthy worshipers and not worship God in vain. We need to worship God wholeheartedly and with total submission to the will of God. And that means we have to worship God with everything we have: with all our heart, soul and might. And we do it all for the glory of God.